above The California Sukkah (Sharon, Massachusetts 2022)

on the left Sukkah mobile (University of Maryland 2022)

Sukkahsoftheworld has been collecting photographs of sukkahs since 2005. For the last year and a half we have been ravaged by a deadly epidemic. Our sukkah celebrations may be smaller, but let's share the joy of the holiday. sukkahsoftheworld is devoted to pictures of sukkahs. submit your 2022 sukkahs. Sukkahs look best with people! more 2O22 photos are at 2022 photos

In 2021 Sukkahsoftheworld.org was featured by JNS with a nice article. and enjoy the happy Sukkah, the California Sukkah and the well-provisioned sukkah!

What makes a sukkah a sukkah? Neither the walls nor the roof. It is you. The biblical commandment does not say to build a sukkah, it says "you shall dwell in Sukkahs..." The most important word in the sentence is you. The commandment cannot be fulfilled without you. This year the emphasis is people both inside and out; the emphasis is on YOU! Best bet:double click the pictures, then go full screen to enlarge the slide shows!

The Sukkah with a smile! (Sharon, Massachusetts 2022)

below: Sukkah mobile spotted in Plymouth County Massachusetts 2022. If you look closely someone is adjusting the shchach!

Sukkahs of the World headquarters has moved to Stoughton, Massachusetts. We will be able to visit you if you live nearby to photograph your sukkah, either just before Sukkot begins or during Hol Hamoed. Pictures will not be posted during Yom Tov!

in 2013 year we featured sukkahs from Sharon, Easton, Mansfield, Natick and Lexington, Massachusetts, Skokie, Illinois, Houston, Texas in the USA, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, and Kiryat Yovel, Jerusalem and Ramat Raziel, Israel. This includes the welcoming sukkah, the open sukkah, the sukkah in a swimming pool, and the sukkah on a roof. We also added a new page about the Holiday of Sukkot. In 2012 we had pictures from Kibbutz Sde Boker, Israel, Houston, Texas, Sharon, Massachusetts, Melbourne, Australia, Johannesburg, SA, and Collegeville, PA. . A special feature from 2012 was a sukkah before and after it blew down- everyone made it out! or if they didn't no one is telling. The 2011 show includes a sukkah that resembles Joseph's coat of many colors and Scotch in the Sukkah with the Men's club at Temple Israel Natick, MA. (Does it look like Scotch?) Talk about enjoying the holiday!

Click on pix and slide shows to enlarge! Photos will look best at full screen/slide show with time set to 6 seconds; adjust at bottom of slide show page.

We are also looking for nominations of the best, worst, and weirdest Sukkah videos. Send a link with your comment, and we will embed on this site. See examples on our sukkah video page.

Read about the Sukkah Family. And if you have adventures of the Sukkah Family to share, let us know.

The Brooklyn sukkah seems to grow out of the ground!

In 2009 we were featured as "The Seeker of Sukkahs" by the Boston Jewish Advocate. Read about this site at the RI Jewish Voice & Herald. Join our facebook group. And send your pictures, comments, and your children's drawings(a great project for a family or school) to our submission page. Thanks to all who have submitted pictures.If you need to bench Lulav and Etrog, they are ready for you at Bet Shira in Miami, FL

What makes a sukkah a sukkah? Neither the walls nor the roof. It is you. The biblical commandment does not say to build a sukkah, it says "you shall dwell in Sukkahs..."

We are grateful to Dubi Gordon of Natick, MA for his networking and photography skills, and his hospitality. Dubi's sukkah appears on our site-and it appeared in the Boston Jewish advocate in 2010 after a consultation with sukkahsoftheworld.org Please note a special treat in 2010, a sukkah from Duxbury, MA. Look at our photo archives for pictures from 2005-2009 and a video with benching of lulav and an etrog and an etrog box gallery. "Ufros Alenu Sukkat Shlomacha Spread over us the tabernacle of thy peace" What a wonderful description of our relationship with G-d, and of the function of the Jewish holidays! The holidays and the sukkah let us participate in that peace. Thanks to all who welcomed me into their sukkahs, and supplied photographs. I had a blast going from house to house. Sunday was sukkah open house day, and I usually knew the guests if not the owners. If you look carefully you will see me with my hands in the cookie jar!

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